INFORMATION Reservations original benefit information

At first arrival, I'll give the benefit to the person who purchased the Debut Album "Countdown to Evolution" below the target store. ※ benefits becomes a first-come, it will end as soon as it disappears. ※ There is a case there is no offer of benefits in some stores. Please contact each store for more information on the presence or absence of benefits. ※ stores do not part handling are also available. Please note.

◆ (including TOWER ONLINE) TOWER RECORDS all stores Original A2 Poster (Tower Records ver.)

◆ (including HMV ONLINE) HMV all stores Original A2 poster (HMV ver.)

◆ Shinseido, wonderGOO all stores Original A2 Poster (Shinseido · wonderGOO ver.)

◆ (including TSUTAYA ONLINE) TSUTAYA all stores Original post card (TSUTAYA ver.)

◆ (including JOSHIN-WEB) JOSHIN disk peer chain Original post card (JOSHIN disk peer ver.)

◆ Disk Union online disk and Union each store Members commentary music CD-R

◆ CM online Applicants postcards B2 notification poster autographed members & mailing containing hits in 10 people

※ For more information about the book award, please check at Nippon Columbia artists site.