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[Magazine] ■ Young Guitar Released August 9 September 2014 SAKI & EYE interview published

■ BURRN! 5 days released BURRN! 9 Mon August, color article posted, there readers gift!

[TV] ■ MUTOMA tvk (Kanagawa) <24 (Wed) August 20: 000~OA!> "MUTOMA" is closely covered the Mary's Blood that feature is released debut album "Countdown to Evolution" in the decision! 8.20 in "MUTOMA"! The OA the "Marionette" other interviews and hear confidential episode of her our private, live from the event, which was held at Shibuya Rex 7.18! And determine the degree of opening in August of MUTOMA, also ending theme latest MV of Mary's Blood is "Marionette". 00~O.A:. 24 Wednesday tvk "MUTOMA" every week!